Dashboards Overview

Plant Assessor provides multiple dashboards to give greater visibility to machinery status on site, facilitate action management, service schedule forecasts as well as give a snapshot of a site's compliance at glance.

Assessment Dashboard - Includes snapshot view of how many machines in your fleet have assessments scheduled, as well as individual machine assessment status. You'll also find a breakdown of fleet status by owner and a 12 month view of assessments created vs assessments completed. 


Action Dashboard - Includes snapshot view of Actions by Status and Actions by Risk rating. You'll also find breakdowns of actions by membership, as well as by owner and a 12 month view of actions identified vs actions completed. 


Scheduling Dashboard - Quickly see the 12 month scheduling forecast for your entire fleet as well as a quick link to any overdue machines. 


Site Snapshot - View how many machines are currently on each site, how many Pre-Starts have been conducted that day, how many machines have had risk assessments completed as well as the status of document compliance (how many documents are outstanding). 


Pre Starts Dashboard - This dashboard only shows machines with Premium Pre-starts activated. At a glance, see how many pre starts have been completed, how many issues have arisen and their critical status.