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Pricing explained

Plant Assessor's pricing is a tiered approach based on the features utilised per machine type, calculated monthly.

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The machine type is based on its complexity, and categorised into three (3) machine types. Machines are individually charged, so you only pay for the features you have used, per machine, per month. 

  • Machine Type A - Workshop or hand held. Eg. Line trimmers, bench grinders etc
  • Machine Type B - Simple self-propelled or trailing. Eg. Prime mover, plant trailers etc
  • Machine Type C - Complex machinery. Eg. Excavators, truck mounted EWP etc

*Exchange level is for dealers and offers a one off fee for sale risk assessments. 


✔️ Free Features

  • Add unlimited machines
  • Add unlimited users 
  • Digital Pre Starts 
  • Supplying a machine to a connection
  • Share a machine profile 

➕ Plus Features (includes all of the Features in Free) 

  • Assigning machines to Owners 
  • Document libraries
  • Service and maintenance scheduling 
  • Safe Operating procedures

🏆 Edge Features (includes all of the Features in Free and Plus) 

  • Machinery risk assessments 
  • Risk management reports
  • Assessment scheduling tools 
  • Corrective action management tools


  • Machines supplied to My Site from $1 per machine / per month 
  • Machine Pre Qualification from $15 per machine / per year 
  • Site Reporting $2 per machine per site / per month 
  • Premium Pre-Starts for just $2 per machine / per month

Membership types

Plant Assessor Free

Add unlimited machines and users and conduct pre-starts using our free Pre Start Plus app. 

Plant Assessor PAYG 

Pay per machine / per month for Plus & Edge features and unlimited SOPs.

For more information about our pricing levels and FAQs please review our Pricing Policy

Plant Assessor Term Commit 

Commit to a minimum 12 months and get access to all  features with the addition of: 

  • Bulk Action Management 
  • Dashboards 
  • Sites
  • Bonus monthly credit

To learn more about Term Commit Memberships and bonus credit click here

Understanding Usage

You can see which type and level each of your machines are via the icons on the Machines page. 

In the image below, the icons to the right of the machine images specify that there are three (3) Type C machines, and one (1) Type B machine. 

Each icon is also colour coded based on the features that have been utilised per machine. 

The first machine is Type C and Free (green), the second machine is Type B and Plus (blue) and the last two machines are Type C and Edge (purple) as both have had risk assessments completed. 

In the My Account section, you will find a usage tab where you can see the charges broken down across all machines. 


How is pricing calculated? 

Per machine per month, based on feature adoption. 

When will I be billed? 

Billing occurs on the 1st day of the month, for the previous month's usage.  

How do I know what level my machine is being charged at? 

The icon next to your machine on the Machines page will be colour coded to the Level. 

Green = Free, Blue = Plus, Purple = Edge, Orange = Exchange (Dealers). 

How does a machine's level change? 

A machine's level will change automatically as soon as a different level feature is utilised. For example, if a Plus machine has a risk assessment completed, it automatically becomes an Edge machine and the icon will change from blue to purple. 

What is a tail payment?

Machines at Edge level have a 12 month commitment from the date of the last risk assessment. If you choose to remove or downgrade a machine from your account within this 12 month period, there will be a tail payment required to cover the outstanding amount.