Quick Start Guide

Get started with Plant Assessor with four easy steps

Free features

1. Add users 

Give your people access, assign roles and keep all of your employee documents in one place. 

Download PDF:
 Adding Users instructions

2. Add machines

Adding your machines creates an online inventory of your fleet so you can conduct digital pre-starts, as well as share a machine profile with a click.

Download PDF: 
Adding Machines instructions

3. Download Pre Start Plus

Pre Start Plus is a free app that allows you to conduct digital Pre start checks for your machinery & equipment. Know immediately if your machine is safe to use and share the results with contractors & co-workers with ease. 


Download PDF: Getting Started with Pre Start Plus


Premium Feature

4. Conduct a Risk Assessment

Risk assessments of any plant and machinery used within your organisation are essential to meet compliance obligations. Plant Assessor’s digital risk assessments are machine specific and reflect the latest updates to legislation and standards, providing peace of mind that your machines are compliant and safe to operate. 

Download PDF: Conducting a Risk Assessment instructions