Sharing a machine profile

Storing your machinery documents in Plant Assessor allows you to share your machine's profile, assessment and service history with a click. For Hire companies, schedule customer access to important machinery documents for the duration of the hire.

There are two types of machine profiles, each with different document access permissions. 

Full profile - this is the default machine profile. It includes access to the machine's assessment, pre-start and service history, as well as all machine and company documents uploaded by the owner. 

Public profile - For the purposes of sale or hire, only the assessment and service history documents are required therefore the public profile removes access to machine and company documents. To learn how to setup public profiles, click here

1. On the machines page, click the ellipsis icon next to the machine and select Share Profile

Step 1 image

2. Here you can simply copy the links provided or trigger an email to one or multiple people with a link to the machine profile. 

Step 2 image

3. Sharing the full profile link will include access to all assessments, pre-start  and service history. Recipients will also be able to view the machine's documents (such as SOPs and operator manuals) and any company documents that have been uploaded. 

Step 3 image

4. The public sharing link gives access to only the assessments, pre-start reports and service history. To learn how to setup public profiles click here

Step 4 image

5. To send the machine profile by email, simply enter the email address of the person you would like to share with and click the +ADD button. You can add multiple emails if sharing to a group of people. 

Step 5 image

6. You can specify how many days you would like the person(s) to have access to this online profile. 

Step 6 image

7. Once you are finished click save. 

Step 7 image